Bon Macaron Patisserie


Bon Macaron Patisserie offers a vast and ever-changing variety of sweet and savoury macarons, made with the finest ingredients.  Macarons offer all the pleasure of a rich, decadent treat, but are as light as air! They consist of two meringue shells made out of egg whites and powdered almonds, and have various fillings created from lovely things like buttercream, ganache, preserves, or cream cheese. Macarons are gluten-free and are dairy-free flavours are always available. With their small size and weightless consistency, people can enjoy a selection of Macarons without feeling like they’ve over done it! And most importantly, each bite is a distinctive experience.

Our Story

Owners Yann Fougere and David Boetti—native Frenchmen with extensive backgrounds in pastries and customer service—have been friends since attending university in the South of France. Yann moved to Victoria to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the University of Victoria. David moved to Victoria to improve his English after graduating in France with a marketing degree. While working in and managing numerous cafes and bakeries, they dreamt up the idea of bringing a bit of France to the Canadian West Coast, while continuing to provide impeccable customer service. After many years arguing over France’s best dessert, the two finally agreed on the Macaron and its infinite flavour possibilities, and Bon Macaron Patisserie was born!