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Canada Day Macarons! Maple Bacon & Maple Caramel

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Tomorrow is Canada Day! In honour of the occasion we have concocted a couple of distinctly Canadian delicacies: Maple Bacon Macarons, and Maple Caramel Macarons, which will be available July 1st! It's kind of like a pancake breakfast you can eat with your fingers... And a box of these is scientifically guaranteed to make you the hit of the barbeque. They also help pass the time while you're staking out your rockstar fireworks spot!

And this Canada Day is extra special for Bon Macaron—it's David's first as a Canadian citizen! Here's an excerpt from the feature we did on David a few weeks ago, about coming to Canada and opening Bon Macaron.

"I was born and raised in Cannes, in the South of France. When I was around fifteen I took a trip to Canada with my Mom—every summer we took a trip together. We did the East first and we enjoyed it so much that the following year we did the West. One part of that trip was coming Victoria, and I loved it. It’s really similar to where I grew up. I’ve always liked the island lifestyle, being surrounded by water. I love diving, I love sailing. One thing I’ll always remember is, we were walking along the harbour here—I was fifteen, right?—and a big group of skater girls walked by, and started to whistle at me. The second after that I looked at my mom and I told her, “You know what? One day I’ll come back and live here.”  I was young, I was a teenager, it was a good experience. But there really was something particular about the island, something about the energy, the feel of the place. I just knew I was supposed to be here."

AW. Happy Canada Day, David.

Come in sometime soon and give him a big, congratulatory Canadian bear hug!

Read the full feature on David, one of our owners, here.