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NYE Special: French 75 Macarons

Bon Macaron

Who’s ready for… French 75 Macarons?? To keep the final days of 2015 as bright as possible, we’re kicking our Champagne Macarons up a serious notch by adding nothing less than glorious, local Victoria Gin and a dash of lemon—which gives you all the flavours of the famous champagne cocktail, the French 75. They're available this week only, so don't sleep on them (either literally or figuratively, no matter how good your New Years Eve is ;) )


There are numerous wonderful distilleries in Canada these days, but our Island’s own Victoria Spirits claims the title of producers of “Canada’s First Premium Gin”. Launched in 2008 with a gleaming, German copper still Vic Gin captured the taste buds of the nation and to this day they craft the elixir with wild-gathered botanicals and natural spring water, in a carbon-neutral distillery. Their botanicals include orris root, angelica, coriander and rose petals and, of course, juniper, among many others. 

We can’t think of a more exciting addition to a gin cocktail macaron than Vic Gin! If you’d like to whip up some of the drinkable cocktails to go with your edible cocktails—aka, ring the New Year in right ;)—the website (“the modern woman's guide to life”) has a nice a guide to the task, which they seem to have approached with an adequate degree of reverence.

Have a wonderful, wonderful NYE everyone, and all the our very best for 2016!!