Bon Macaron Patisserie

2016 Valentine's Collection

Bon Macaron

We're very excited to announce our 2016 Valentine’s Collection! Five specialty flavours with unique designs, available in a beautiful, ribboned gift box that has room for the entire collection—plus two extra macarons in your choice of flavours!

The Valentine's flavours are...

Cinnamon Heart: A white macaron decorated with tiny candy hearts.
Kir Royal: A deep pink macaron flecked with gold.
Mon Cheri (Chocolate and Cherry): A macaron based on the ‘heart eyes’ emoji!
Rose: A bright red macaron sculpted to look like a rose.
Strawberry: Mini heart-shaped macarons.
Passion Fruit: Mini-macarons in the shape of X’s and O’s!

The two extra macarons pictured above are Raspberry Coconut and Very Berry.

Here is a handy link to this very post, which you may wish to subtly share with with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend: