Bon Macaron Patisserie

New Flavour: Rum & Rasin

Bon Macaron

New to the patisseries this week! We have another sweet and boozy treat for you :) Rum—essentially spirits distilled from sugar—is one of the oldest beverages out there, and there are many different theories about how it came by its modern name. Here are a few of the possibilities!

  • From the British slang term for "the best", as in "having a rum time.”
  • From the last syllable of the Latin word for sugar, "saccharum".
  • From the Romani word "rum", meaning "strong" or "potent".  (This source as also been linked to the "ramboozle" and the "rumfustian", popular British drinks in the mid-17th century!)
  • From the large drinking glasses used by Dutch seamen known as "rummers", taken from the Dutch word "roemer" meaning "drinking glass'. 

And here are some other (kind of scary!) names rum has been known by over the years:

  • Nelson's blood
  • kill-devil
  • demon water
  • pirate's drink
  • navy neaters

On the seafaring theme, we want clarify we didn't make these macarons with Bundaberg Mutiny Rum, but we wanted to share these fantastic bottles with you anyway:

Macarons for the high-seas!