Bon Macaron Patisserie

New Flavour: Blackberry Lime

Bon Macaron

These festively speckled little morsels are now in all three patisseries! Filled with blackberry butter cream that has a splash of fresh lime juice and a generous pinch of lime zest, they're packed with juicy flavour. 

And because we're heading into BC blackberry season, we found you this very cool looking method for making your own blackberry liqueur, from the food gurus at Serious Eats! If that's not incentive to get out and pick some berries, we don't know what is :)

Serious Eat's Homemade Blackberry Liqueur


2 cups blackberries
3/4 cup brandy
1 1/4 cups vodka
1/2-inch piece of lime zest without pith
1 cup simple syrup


Place the blackberries and lime zest in a sealable glass jar, muddle lightly to release juice, and then add brandy and vodka. Seal and shake. Let mixture steep for 3 days at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Strain through a fine mesh strainer, pressing down to extract juice, then filter mixture through a coffee filter or through two layers of cheesecloth. Discard solids.

Combine blackberry infusion and simple syrup in a sealable bottle or jar, then shake to mix. Let rest for a minimum of one day. Store in the refrigerator for up to two months.