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2016 Bon Macaron Holiday Collection

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We're very pleased to announce our 2016 Holiday Collection, featuring hand-painted traditional French macarons available in 6 exciting seasonal flavours: Mulled Wine, Rum & Eggnog, Mint Chocolate, Gingerbread, Cranberry, and Chocolate Orange, as well as candy cane flavoured Mini Snowman Macarons. Bon Macaron will also offer globe tree ornaments filled with mini seasonal macarons. Gift certificates for our popular Macaron Classes may be purchased, and make fantastic stocking stuffers!

Halloween Macarons!

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Our Halloween Treats are in the house (ahem, 'patisseries') starting today! Cellophane bundles of spooky, adorable minis, in chocolate, caramel, lemon, raspberry. They're awesome for office treats, party favours, and they've been proven to fit perfectly into tiny hands!

Speaking of tiny hands, if you have some of those in your life and you're feeling ambitious... here's a pretty adorable costume you can make from Studio DIY.

And technically, there's probably no reason at all you couldn't scale this up to kidult / sophisticated and mature macaron connoisseur size.

Thanksgiving Macarons!

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Our Turkey Cranberry Macarons are back! These savoury macarons are made with cream cheese whipped with real turkey and cranberries. They're definitely a conversation starter and they look really nice on a festive table! They are also delicious. But for your less adventurous guests, we'd recommend rounding out the Thanksgiving macaron offerings with our Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cinnamon flavours. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!