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Newest Flavour: Pumpkin Spice

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It wouldn't be September without a bit of Pumpkin Spice. :) Our Pumpkin Spice Macarons are filled with real pumpkin puree that's been whipped with buttercream, and they have a generous dusting of delicious, sweet spice on top. We recommend pairing these with a scuffle-y walk through a sunny park full of trees that have colourful crunchy leaves! 

Flavour Profile: Cotton Candy

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Aren't these beautiful!! If we do say so ourselves...  Hot on the heels of our Bubble Gum Macarons, we're keeping things super sweet this weekend, with Cotton Candy Macarons! Time for a fun food fact: the machine spun cotton candy we know today was apparently created by a dentist. It hit the scene at the 1904 world fair, where it was called "Fairy Floss". Cute! (Spun sugar, though, dates to as far back as sometime in the Italian 15th century.) This seems like the perfect time to share some work from American artist: Will Cotton.

Flavour Profile: Very Berry

Flavours, NewestBon Macaron

We were *just* talking about how macarons are like art, and our in-house macaron artistes have done it again. How lovely are these Very Berry Macarons?? They are blueberry, raspberry and strawberry, all tumbled into one delicious morsel. And, AND our new marshmallow flavour is pineapple. All in all, there's practically too much mouthwatering delectable goodness in the shop to handle. Come help!

Art & Macarons

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The Moss Street TD Art Gallery Paint-In is happening today! All that art takes us back to last fall, when this Mona Lisa macaron masterpiece graced our Broad St. patisserie window.

Macarons really are a very creative medium! There are the endless flavours, of course, but there are also endless possibilities for colour and embellishment. Decorating is always a really popular part of our Macaron Classes. The student below is painting a crimson detail on Peanut Butter and Jam Macarons—that she just finished making!

On that note, we seriously have to commend the blog Sugar & Cloth—founder Ashley Rose from Houston Texas does some amazing things with macarons, many of which involve edible food colour pens. Take, for example, these DIY Abstract Art Macarons, made with said pens. What a cool project to do with kids... or with any group friends... or on one's own with some good music and a glass of wine or two...  Our Vanilla Macarons would make the perfect blank canvas :)

Enjoy the art today! And if you're passing through downtown, pop in and see us for some edible creativity.

Flavour Profile: Pomegranate Orange

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This week’s flavour is very simple and completely gorgeous. Pomegranates and oranges are so lovely they’ve long been inspiration for not only the culinary arts, but for generations of still life painters. So here's an orange and pomegranate laden canvas from the Dutch Golden Age Painting. Basically what we’re saying is these macarons are edible art! (nbd.)