Bon Macaron Patisserie



Bon Macaron is offering a licensing arrangement for those that wish to open a patisserie.

After many years of success serving customers in Victoria and Vancouver BC, Bon Macaron has decided to expand into other cities. We are looking for partners who wish to open their own Bon Macaron locations.

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The owners David and Yann are both from France and they wanted to bring something French to Victoria BC. When they moved to Canada and opened the first Bon Macaron store, they wanted to bring REAL French culture with them. 

There were a lot of other stores in Victoria BC selling Macarons, but none of them offered the real culture behind the Macarons.They created a low cost macaron ($1.50 per macaron) and the brand quickly grew in Victoria BC.

After years of growth in Victoria, they decided to open two locations in Vancouver BC. Victoria had little competition for Bon Macaron, so they wanted to see how they would do in Vancouver where the market is more competitive.

With the success of both Vancouver stores, Bon Macaron is now looking to open locations across Canada and the US in malls and tourist towns. Bon Macaron is putting all of its creative energies into improving its products by continuing to develop innovative and healthier dessert options.

We are seeking enthusiastic individuals who have the potential to master our operating system and are willing to be trained to our rigorous standards. We may also have passive investment opportunities available for high net worth investors.

The most important thing to us is quality control and customer satisfaction. We want to grow, but we are not willing to sacrifice our quality in the meantime.

We have hired Hart Legal to put together a licensing deal that can be used for those that wish to open their own Macaron stores.

If you would like more information, please contact Alistair Vigier at 778-676-3808 or