Bon Macaron Patisserie

Frequently Asked Questions


How long are macarons good for?

Sweet macarons are good for 3 days as long as they are kept in the fridge. Savoury macarons are better to be eaten the day of or the day after.


Do your macarons have gluten?

All our macarons are gluten free and none of our products contain gluten. However we cannot guarantee that there are no traces as our suppliers carry products with gluten.


Do you have dairy free macarons?

Yes we (almost!) always have at least one dairy free macaron flavour available. Dairy free macarons can also be ordered in advance.


How long in advance should I order macarons?

For orders of under 50 assorted macarons, or under 30 of any one flavour, you can just walk in the store! For quantities above this 72 hours notice is appreciated.


Do you deliver?

Deliveries can be arranged in the city. We use a third party company and simply charge customers what we’re charged. We require at least 24 hours notice to organise a delivery.